Visitor Magazine Design

I love working with cities and regions, figuring out what makes them special, and then finding their specific “voice” that can guide the aesthetic.

Regional Magazine Design

Location determines the history and the culture of a place, and people are shaped by those two things, more than any other factors.

Custom Publication Design

Long-form design can take many forms: custom magazines, catalogs, annual reports and books, etc. Every business and organization has a story to tell.


If you have the chance to hire Deanne O’Connor, do not hesitate. She has artistic vision, impeccable editorial sense, and collaboration with her is a dream. Her work is creative, impactful, and beautiful.
— Suzanne Morrisey, Former editor, Meredith Corporation; Director of Communications, Brewster Academy

Deanne combines outstanding design skills with a great sense of a unique personality of the client. Her design skills are broad and she possesses the ability to challenge the client and herself to create stunning designs that take the reader on a journey.
— Steve Mitchem, Publisher, Destination Creative Group

Smart. Engaged. Passionate. Those are the words I would use to describe Deanne O’Connor. She has the skills to make any publication look great, but she brings so much more to the team with her terrific energy and compelling editorial ideas. We had such fun collaborating and designing a magazine that deeply touched our readers!
— Susan Safipour, former Editor, Diablo Magazine